Five Tips for a ‘Greener’ Home

September 9, 2020 10:33 am

a mini replica house with a green roofHas the summer heat forced your air conditioner to work overtime? When you are ready to replace items and spaces in your home, take the opportunity to “go greener” in order to reduce energy costs. Energy-efficient homes and appliances not only affect the environment; they also affect your wallet when they increase your home’s resale value.

Windows – If you have an older home with the home’s original windows, it’s quite likely that they are letting in drafts as well as UV rays. This combination makes the heating and cooling system in your home less effective and causes your power bill to spike. The good news is that energy-efficient windows can help minimize heating and cooling costs. Some options to consider when selecting energy-efficient windows are multiple panes, low-e (low emissivity) windows and low conductivity frames. For more information about energy-efficient window options, click here.

Water heaters – When the time comes to replace your water heater, consider a tankless model. While the cost of a tankless water heater may initially be more than a traditional model, a tankless heater provides hot water only as it is needed, saving water as well as energy.

Appliances – By upgrading your home appliances to energy-efficient ones, you can ensure that you will not only enjoy the benefits of using less energy, but you will also make your home more appealing to buyers when it’s time to sell. Click here for a list of ENERGY STAR certified home appliances.

Roofing – When replacing your roof, consider shingles, which reflect more of the sun’s rays. Shingles will help repel the heat and reduce the cost of air conditioning in your home. Along with saving energy, solar reflective shingles are proven to last longer than traditional shingles because reducing the extremes of temperature change reduces the likelihood of damage to roofing systems.

Light bulbs – Switching the light bulbs in your home from incandescent to energy-saving can make a tremendous difference in the energy efficiency of your bulbs. Many power companies will even provide you with energy-efficient bulbs for free! Check with your local power company to see if they offer this service.

You can take many steps to create a more environmentally friendly home that will both help the planet and save you money. For more ideas, visit